Sponsored Players


Player 1 is pretty cool

He got picked first.

(Jokes aside on this page, Player list, sig strings, and info coming soon!)


Player 2

Second person picked, he's pretty good at the yoyo thing too.  Just look at those signature tomatoes right there!


Player 3

He's ok i guess...he was picked third, so it had to be for that well-known HAIRY chest he has..

Sponsored Players Continued


Player 4

She's pretty good, i mean she's done 4a with a yyf horizon, so that's cool. XD


Player 5

He's a good player, but he's our weirdest (besides myself of course for making this page at all without any actual content XD) cause he's picky, yet changes his mind on a pretty consistent basis XD.

Great for combo creation, bad for designing signatures (Strings And Yoyos) XD.


Player 6

Our latest sponsor, and the only one currently not on the West Coast of USA XD.

Also filling up our, currently, last available sponsorship spot!!

(Secretly though, We just thought his last name was cool so we wanted him on the team for that XD)